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Uplifting Others

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If you want to lift yourself up,

lift up someone else.

–Booker T. Washington

When you hear this quote and think of “lifting others up”, it can sound like a tall task.


You may immediately think of movies or stories that focus on grand gestures, like The Blind Side where Leigh Ann Tuohy takes in Michael Oher or Pay It Forward where a social studies assignment changes the world.


Lifting someone up doesn’t have to be a big thing – it can be something small.


A kind word – “you look nice today” or a simple and genuine “thank you”.


An unexpected gift – paying the toll or buying coffee for the person in line behind you.


Recognition – acknowledging the effort it took when you arrive home to a cooked meal or a clean house.


In today’s volatile world, simply changing your daily outlook to one that seeks to lift others up, instead of tearing them down, could likely be the difference to our shared success.



Dan Jourdan, a regular contributor to my show and host of his own, is a great example of positivity and encouragement to those he comes in contact with.



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