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Expert Advice, Inspiration, Resources & Connections

The Build Your Best Business Community is a private community that provides resources, connections, adviceand access to experts specifically for the entrepreneur or small business owner who is in the initial stages of establishing or growing his or her business.

Build Your Best Business Community Benefits

Content Vault:

Very best business content, training & templates curated by common business topics - toinclude starting out, managing a business, perfecting sales, marketing, social media and more.

Private Facebook Community:

Connect with other BYBB community members, ask questions to community contributors and learn about exclusive BYBB offers and events.

Exclusive Content:

Bonus interviews and content from my biz1190 radio show, my column and from communityexperts

Entrepreneurial Style:

Understand your own entrepreneurial style and how it can best be used to grow your business. Learn what other successful entrepreneurs share your style and their secrets to success.

Growth Hacking Conferences:

Community membership includes FREE access to all BYBB Growth Hacking Conferences with livestream and perpetual access for playback. Bonus interviews with experts and presenters.

Office Hours:

A 2 hour live session every 2 weeks with me to discuss your pressing business problems and questions. Community contributors also hold office hours in their areas of expertise.

Weekly Community Newsletter:

Exclusive content answering the best questions and sharing the best learning from the community each week.

Connection with Regular Contributors and Community Experts:

Expert advice, exclusive content and ability to ask your specific questions. Topical webinars, education and training.

Discounts on Special Offers:

Discounts on standard services and special offers on one-on-one and group consulting.Exclusive pricing from Build Your Best Business Community partners.

Community Experts

Eric V. Holtzclaw biz1190 AM Radio HostInc. ColumnistSerial Entrepreneur

Daniel Jourdan The Sales EnergizerSales Expert

Susan B. McMullen Fearless SpeakingSpeaking Coach

Whitney Mendoza Brillar MediaSocial Media Expert

Do You Qualify for theBuild Your Best Business Community?

Before I extend an application to the community,please let me know if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are working on your company at least 20 hours/week
  • You are the founder/co-founder or co-owner of your business
  • Your business meets at least ONE of the following criteria:
    • Your business is generating less than $1.5 million in annual revenue
    • This is your first company
    • You are in the first 3 years since you established the company

Each application is personally reviewed and members are personally selected by Eric Holtzclaw. In order to maintain the integrity of the community, only a limited number are introduced to the community each week based on order of submission.

Do I Qualify?

The Build Your Best Business Community

Starting a business is easy - successfully growing one is hard.You don’t have to do it alone.

Eric V. Holtzclaw is a serial entrepreneur, writer and radio host. His passion is telling the stories behind what it takes to successfully start, manage and grow a business. He knows first hand how lonely it is at the top and how scarce resources and assistance can be before you “make it”.

He built the Build Your Best Business Community as a way to invest in entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you with the support, education, resources, experts and connections you need along the the journey.

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