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Long Term Investing

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A truly rich man is one whose children run

into his arms 
when his hands are empty.


It’s easy to attract friends and connections when you are “on top”.


The true test of your impact and your worth is felt when you find yourself near the bottom.


Investing in that inevitable bottom happens while you are at the top.


When do you attend a networking event? Only when you are looking for a new customer or a new job?


Are you too busy to make it to your friend’s events or kid’s game?


As you experience the success of your endeavors, do you actively reach out to bring others along their journey?


While work, priorities and outside pressures take most your focus, purposefully and actively investing and connecting with others makes it easier to recover from a setback.


Think of it as a savings account – the investments you make in others are saved for a rainy day and compound your successes today.


Charlie Brock’s organization is all about investing in the future. Listen in as he discusses Launch Tennessee.


Behind the scenes at the April Growth Hacking Conference.

September is going to be even more amazing.

Do you have your tickets?



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