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Beginning Again

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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”.

– Seneca


I am the proud father of one perfect, amazing child.


One of the “beginning’s end” I have looked forward to – and most dreaded – came and went this week.


I have spent the week officially ending her childhood by helping her move on to her next new beginning.


She achieved a goal she has worked hard for over the last several years and moved to Boston to pursue her passion at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.


Did I cry? Yes.


Am I proud? More than I can express.


Will I miss her? Everyday.


Do I want her to stay with me in Atlanta? Absolutely not.


From the very beginning of becoming a parent this was the end I hoped for – to give her roots while allowing her to find her own way.


Your role in your company is very much the same.


You must figure out how to give your company the freedom to become the very best it can be – not dependent on you for every decision and every achievement.


It’s easy to get caught up in believing that your company can’t run without you. That’s not the end you should seek at the beginning.




Is it time for a new beginning?


Join us at the Growth Hacking Conference on September 9th for tips and techniques to get out of your company’s way and allow it the room it needs to grow on its own.


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