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Daily Encouragement

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People often say that motivation doesn’t last.
Well, neither does bathing
– that’s why we recommend it daily.
Zig Ziglar

Starting a business is easy – and it’s fun!


You pick the company name, stress about the url and establish the brand.


It’s simple to stay motivated during the early days, when the world is full of new beginnings and fresh horizons.


Then reality sets in – you have to find customers, learn how to succinctly tell your story, hire good employees, do your taxes, contact a lawyer… the list goes on.


No one – I mean, no one – can build a successful flourishing business without the encouragement and support of others around them.


Regrettably in my work, I meet many who are trying to do just that.


Don’t buy into the lie that you must be super human to be successful – behind every famous name is a an army of individuals and encouragers that got them there.


Where do you turn for encouragement when you need it? 


Who is that rock of support and voice of reason when you think you just “can’t” any longer?


How do you stay motivated toward your goal on a daily basis?


A great place to connect with others for encouragement is the upcomingGrowth Hacking Conference on September 9th.


Check out this awesome video by Brillar Media about what to expect:





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P.S. We celebrated my 200th episode of The Eric Holtzclaw Show on August 5th.  Thanks for your encouragement and support along the way. Hit “reply” and let me know what I can do to encourage you.